A School Like No Other


An Overview of Sci High

The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School, commonly referred to as “Sci High”, is an open enrollment public charter school. When students enroll in Sci High, they come to us with a spectrum of personalities and abilities. One might think that a school focused on STEM education would only look to accept kids with proven aptitude in math and science, but we know that talent comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Through the city-wide open enrollment process, we welcome all students, no matter their previous grades, test scores, or special education status, and provide them with a supportive, rigorous programing centered around three STEM Pathways.

At Sci High we believe that through high quality STEM education, our students will benefit from careers in high demand, high earning careers that will change the life trajectories for them and their families. Simultaneously, preparing a well-prepared STEM workforce will drive the burgeoning STEM industries in our beloved city.

Sci High is focused on two goals—college preparation and career readiness. Students bridge the two. Our curriculum exposes them to a multitude of options that lets them choose their own way forward. We provide opportunities to all students so that no student feels hemmed in by a defined track with limited options. Student educational experiences are centered around STEM-industry partnerships and project-based learning to increase our students’ understanding of the application of abstract concepts to real work problem-solving to better communities. 

3 STEM Pathways

Engineering & Construction

Biomedical Science

Computer Science


We welcome all students, no matter their previous grades, test scores, or special education status. 


Most Sci High students plan to continue on to a higher education institution just after they receive their diploma, and we support them in that goal. We offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses and dual enrollment through partnerships with local colleges. Both of which allow students to get a head start on their college credit while still in high school. Through mentorship and college counseling services, all students engage in thoughtful conversations for college selection and complete the college applications process.

Some students will choose wish to enter the workforce directly upon graduation—or at least to put off college until a later date. Through the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department, students are prepared for the workforce in key STEM pathways and earn Industry-Based Credentials, making them more competitive in the job market.

College Preparation Programs include a “Dual Enrollment” Program, 10 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses, outstanding humanities education, the Project Lead the Way program, College Counseling, the Reach College Cohort, and college visits. Workforce Preparation Programs include the Student Internship Program, professional skills training, ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) National Mentoring Program, makerspace and Career Technical Education Pathways that lead to industry-recognized certification in high wage, high demand fields. Additionally, Sci High provides support programs to students as needed. Those programs include special education, emotional and health counseling, and extracurricular programing.

For all our focus on STEM, Sci High also requires students to complete rigorous coursework in the humanities. We also foster the development of soft skills, both professional and personal. We teach students how to write a business email, create a resume, and develop a professional network. We teach conflict resolution and collaboration. When students graduate, they’re well-rounded and ready to face the world with optimism and wide eyes.


AP courses offered to students each year.


Industry-based credentials earned by students in the 2017–18 school year.


Student Internships will be offered in the 2018–19 school year.


Student Highlight:
Makiyah C.

A mission of Sci High is to prepare students for the next stage of their lives, whether that means a professional career or success in college. Makiyah C. is an example of a student that has used his Sci High education to forge opportunities for himself. Makiyah had already progressed in the school’s Digital Technology learning pathway, when he landed an internship at local technological company in the summer after his junior year. Working as a computer programmer’s assistant, he used Autodesk software and JavaScript, programs and languages he’d learned in his coursework; he learned the Ruby programming language on the job. Expanding beyond coding, Makiyah was also made lead on a project and interacted with a client about building a website. After the summer ended, the tech company hired him part-time to continue working during his junior year.

The following summer, Makiyah completed a second internship, this time with Tulane University’s Geophysics Lab, where he analyzed data received from seismometers around the world. His work was so impressive that the American Geophysical Union invited him to display his summer project during its fall 2018 conference in Washington, D.C. Once he finishes his senior year, Makiyah could enter the workforce if he chose, but his exposure to geophysics strengthened his decision to pursue a computer science degree and eventually use it toward a career in scientific research.